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Dedicated to Exemplary Service

As a trust company, Kentucky Trust Company offers comprehensive services with knowledge and experience. Rather than representing another institution or selling investment products, we work for you, the client. Decisions on your behalf can be made without the delays associated with larger depersonalized institutions.

Ongoing Relationships
The experience and continuity of our team of certified specialists allows you to establish a solid working relationship with someone who understands your goals and who is respectful of your need for complete confidentiality. Much of our success is due to a level of personalized service that is unmatched by any other financial institution operating in Kentucky.

Up-to-Date Information
KTC stays current on ever-changing regulations and tax laws and on how they affect tax-deferred and investment accounts, such as contribution limits, distribution requirements, and the future prospects of some types of investments.

No Conflicts of Interest
KTC offers a wide variety of quality investment options, all selected solely on the expectation that they will provide the best performance. We receive no income from transactions or for using any specific investment. Our focus is on what is best for you, with the incentive to grow accounts, not sell products or create transactions.

Cost Effective
In-house administration and investment management capabilities help KTC stay competitive through its lower operating costs by:

• using our own resident expertise
• choosing no-load investments with no hidden charges
• negotiating brokerage agreements to minimize transaction costs

Lower Cost
When a comparable level of service is matched with KTC, fees and overall costs are typically lower than those of other asset managers, brokerages, or insurance companies. Our fees are based solely on account balance.

Investment Products: Not a deposit. Not FDIC insured. Not Guaranteed by the Bank or any Federal Government Agency. May Lose Value. Subject to Risk.